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White Side Holidays is 10!

by gaz

This winter we are celebrating our 10th winter season of White Side Holidays Poland! We started White Side Holidays as a way for us to work and enjoy doing what we love, skiing, snowboarding and most importantly, sharing that passion with other people. 10 years later we have grown from a 2 man team to a much larger group of like-minded staff, numerous return guests each winter and have developed fantastic partnerships with local businesses in Zakopane who help everything run smoothly.

White Side Holidays has become a huge part of life, whilst winter in Poland and delivering your ski holidays may only last a few months of the year, taking bookings, answering e-mails and planning for the next winter keeps us busy throughout the year no matter where we are in the world.

We have more and more guests coming to enjoy Zakopane with us every winter but the root of why we do this and our basic principles are the same as they have always been, to give you an affordable, professional and fun winter holiday experience. The continued growth of White Side Holidays is something we are extremely proud of, however, the thing we’re most proud of is that our return guest rate over the years has stayed above 50% winter after winter. We have numerous guests who we see year after year and this coming season there’s a family who will be visiting us for the 8th year in a row! It’s amazing to watch kids develop each season when they come back to ski and we have kids who have been with their families over the years now booking on their own with their friends.

A huge thank you to everyone who has played a part in the last 10 years, whilst White Side Holidays started as a small 2 man team it has grown way beyond that and we love you all for the help, support and hard work that has gone in.

See you on the snow soon!

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