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Top 5 Fun Things To Do In Zakopane This Winter

by gaz

As we live here and spend so much time in the snow working and organising ski holiday packages for people to enjoy it’s sometimes easy to forget about all the fun things that you do can away from the slopes in Zakopane, fun should never be forgotten about even after a long day of skiing! Here’s a quick list of our top 5 fun things to do in Zakopane during the winter (not including skiing of course!).

THE ICE MAZE – This has been an awesome addition to Zakopane’s winter attractions over the last couple of years. Located at the foot of the ski jump (another fun place to visit not on this list), a hand-crafted ice maze, built from hundreds of thousands of ice blocks. It looks like it’ll be a simple maze to get out of once you turn up and see it up close but once you’re inside it’s a lot trickier than it looks. Alongside the maze is also an ice castle with a few farm animals inside, you can visit both or just one of them. The maze is easily accessible from our accommodation options, walkable from Magnolia, Czarny Potok, Belvedere and Patria and just a short taxi ride from Willa Bor, Helios, Radowid and Stara Polana. Entry is about £2.50 per person to the maze. With the ski jump in the background and a few grills nearby serving hot food and drink, a night up at the maze is fun.

HUSKY DOG SLEDDING – A pack of Husky Dogs in a snowy forest, this one sells itself really, unless you don’t like dogs. Even if you don’t like dogs, they’re tied up so you’re not forced to play with them and all they’re actually interested in doing is running! The high-pitched yelping of excited dogs as the musher (person who runs the sled) starts to pick which dogs will run next is a noise you can’t forget, almost as unforgettable as the grumpy look on the dogs faces that don’t get picked. As well as being able to stroke and play with the dogs, you’ll learn about how they live, what they do in the summertime and then get to experience sitting on the sled and going for a quick trip along the edge of the forest, you might even be allowed to drive! Prices for Husky Sledding start at £20 per person.

THERMAL BATHS – This one may sound more of a relaxing thing to do than a fun thing, relaxing it can be, however, have you ever rolled in the snow and then jumped back in a steaming hot pool of water? Try not to laugh and enjoy that as either the person rolling around in your swimwear in the snow or the one sat warm watching your friends and family do it. We have several thermal baths around this area of Poland all within a bus journey of Zakopane. They can be enjoyed at night or on a day off from skiing. Entry fees vary from £5 – £12 per person depending on time and place.

HORSE SLEIGH RIDES – This one is as simple as it sounds and whilst it’s not for everyone it can be a great experience when the snow and ice has settled around town. Get wrapped up warm, get on the back of a sleigh with a blanket and enjoy a steady sleigh ride around the lower forested areas of Zakopane. There are options to have the sleigh stop to enjoy an outdoor grill with a drink and sausages or simply do a loop of the town. A sleigh ride for 4 people would cost around £30 for an hour.

SNOWMOBILING – Snowmobiles (ski-doos) are the winter version of a quad bike. Helmet and goggles on and go speeding through the snowy countryside surrounding Zakopane and the local area, you can even get across to the Slovakian border at one place. Whilst they’re not the hardest thing to drive, they are big heavy machines and take a little effort to turn, nothing better than watching people fail to turn and drifting off and sinking into soft snow! The price of a ski-doo is around £50 per hour for 1 person or £60 per hour with 2 people on 1 ski-doo.

All of the above activities are available during your stay in Zakopane, some of them are readily available and can be enjoyed any day of the season, others require booking in advance in order to secure a place. Please feel free to drop us an e-mail with any questions you have or if you’d like to look at booking something, we’re always happy to help you have fun!

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