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The Snow Maze in Zakopane, a Guinness World Record?

by gaz

We have something different being constructed in Zakopane this winter, a snow maze. This is no ordinary snow maze though, hopefully it is going to outshine a similar snow maze constructed in Canada and become the Guinness World Record holder for the largest fresh snow maze in the world!

As you can see in the photo above the construction is well under way and already 60,000 “snow bricks” all carved, sculpted and shaped by a team of 40 builders are in place. The winding maze of snowy walls, tunnels and bridges will eventually cover 2500 metres squared of space and offer 1 kilometre of corridors to get lost in! That’s some maze!

The maze is located in the fields next to the ski jump at the top of town and is scheduled to open to the public this coming weekend on the 23rd January. If you’re coming to ski with us in Zakopane anytime soon then you’ll be able to take on the challenge!

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