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Skiers and snowboarders from worldwide! An updated list.

by gaz

Since we started White Side Holidays Poland we’ve mainly aimed our ski and snowboard holiday packages in Zakopane at people from the UK. We have family links to both countries and this was the original idea, to bring people from the UK over to Poland for skiing and snowboarding. However, we’ve been keeping a list of countries from where our guests have actually flown/driven from in order to enjoy our winter ski holiday experiences here in Zakopane. Not just a list of where our guests were born but where they’ve actually travelled from to ski in Zakopane. The list now covers skiers and snowboarders from 25 countries worldwide and counting! Guests who have never seen snow before, guests who have never seen mountains before, guests who have old family ties to Poland, guests who work with Polish people, guests who want to tick ski resorts off their lists, we genuinely love meeting all of our guests from far and wide and it truly is one on the best parts of our work.

As at September 2016, White Side Holidays Poland’s guests have travelled from the following countries to enjoy skiing and snowboarding holidays in Zakopane, Poland:

1. England

2. Ireland

3. Scotland

4. Wales

5. Italy

6. France

7. Poland

8. Finland

9. Brazil

10. Slovakia

11. America

12. Puerto Rica

13. Mexico

14. South Africa

15. New Zealand

16. India

17. Australia

18. Jersey (We know it’s not a country in it’s own right but it counts!)

19. Germany

20. Uruguay

21. Belgium

22. Malaysia

23. China

24. Malta

25. Japan

We look forward to adding more countries to the list!

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