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Ski Season 2013/14 Opening Day Announced

by gaz

Kasprowy Wierch, 23rd November 2013. Ski season in Zakopane to open in just 21 days!

The news we have been waiting for at White Side Holidays Poland since April when the ski slopes closed for spring earlier this year. The snow is back and we have an opening date set for the winter ski season 2013/14 in Zakopane! So, the big day for the calendar in December is not Christmas day but Saturday December 14th! That is all we have to report for now, so long as the weather stays cold and snow keeps falling we should be on for skiing and snowboarding in just a couple of weeks. The current weather, shown above on a picture snapped from the Kasprowy Wierch webcam on 23rd November is bright and sunny but as you can see there is plenty of snow building up on the mountains, fingers crossed for more and more!

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