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Here are our snow and ski reports from past winters in chronological order starting from winter  2009/2010

WINTER 2009/2010

28th March – Mixed weather this week in Zakopane, we’ve had HOT sunny days followed by 2 very dull days. Ski areas are still open apart from Harenda, which is always first to close as it faces the sun and is very steep – not ideal for spring!! Still got our fingers crossed for even just a little bit more snow. We’ve still got a few guests left to come who we’ll look after whatever the weather! Gaz’s mum is here this week for a ski, we’ll get a photo of her skiing up on the site later this week when she’s fine tuned her skills!

21st March – The weather has changed a lot over the last four days. We had 2 fun days over in Jasna, Slovakia in bright sunshine and 2 warm sunny days back in Zakopane since, which has melted the snow around the town here. The slopes are all still covered but spring conditions are here. Lets hope we get another dump of snow before the month is up.

17th March – What a week! We’ve had fresh snow falling every day since our last update. On Kasprowy Wierch, there has been 65cm of fresh snow fall. Yesterday we were skiing in KNEE DEEP powder ON THE PISTE! That is a rare occasion that you find the usually pistedruns covered in deep snow! As it’s March there were hardly any people up there withus, almost a private mountain withfresh snow all day long! Days like that are when we absolutely love Poland and it can honestly be compared to anywhere else in the world. (We know what we’re talking about for any of you who doubt us!) There’s a photo of Gaz below standing on the piste, what a day, what a week! Fingers crossed for more of the same!

11th March – The snow is great! It has been absolutely FREEZING the last few days with clear blue bird days! Had an amazing time up on Kasprowy Wierch snowboarding on Tuesday (snow conditions were world class) followed by another amazing day in Jasna, Slovakia yesterday skiing andsnowboarding withour team all around the mountain. Photos below – only a couple as we were having too much fun to take many! It’s true, sorry! Sorry if you’re sat at work reading this but we’ve just woken up to see it snowing outside again today as well so things in Zakopane are good. 5cm and counting this morning!

7th March 2010 – Only 4 days since the last update but LOADS of snow to report here in Zakopane, bin lid is overflowing! We got 15cm on Friday (5th) a clear morning on Saturday and then started to snow in the afternoon. Just woken up Sunday morning and it’s been dumping all night and still going – big chunky soft flakes of snow! Shovels out, de-ice the car and off we go! POW POW! Photos will be taken today and added below tonight! For late season ski andsnowboard deals to Poland contact us now!

3rd March 2010 – Sunday February 28th was undoubtedly the strangest day in Zakopaneall winter! Strong winds blasted around the town on Saturday night andthe early hours of Sunday morning, which caused a large tree to fall on one of the town’s central power lines. We woke up Sunday morning to find that the whole of Zakopane had shut down! No shops were open, we had no internet, no tv, central ski lifts were closed, literall nothing moving! A strange morning but luckily by 3pm we were back up and running and by Sunday afternoon Zakopane was in full swing again! Well done to Tom and Gaz, who represented White Side Holidays well in a freestyle competition in Zakopane last week (read more). Snow wise we are looking good! Fresh snow has fallen slowly over the last 2 days, nothing huge but a couple of cms on the bin lid each morning! Spring time is near!!

21st February 2010 – A busy few weeks in Zakopane, sorry for the delayed update. We’ve had 2 great weeks of skiing, snowboarding andsledging (including 10 grown men proving your never to old for sledging) withguests joining us for the February Half Term week here in Poland. The weather was pretty cloudy last week with two beautiful sunny days in between. However, yesterday and last night we’ve had about 10cm of fresh snow fall, perfect timing for our guests arriving this week and current guests from Ride Our World(check them out)! A few sunny photos from last week below, thanks to all the guys who joined White Side Holidays, great to meet you all and hopefully see you again back in Zakopane! More photos in our guests gallery here.

4th February 2010 – A great week in Zakopane, snow, snowboarding, skiing and heaps of FUN! Happy to say we’ve been dusting snow off the bin lid regularly this week. It’s been snowing at night and the sun has been shining during the day, our guests this last week have been lucky enough to enjoythe perfect ski holiday weather! They were also happy to catch the North Face FreeskiingOpencompetition over the weekend with some of the best European freestyle skiers on show – photos below. – including 8 year old Estonian girl Kelly Sildaru – check her out on her website here – – Our hotel prices just dropped as well, 5* Hotel Litwor, Gold Package now from just £899 (£194 cheaper than 1 month ago!) – so an even better excuse to come and ski!

27th January 2010 – A cold and clear week in Zakopane, had another day over in Jasna, Slovakia just for fun – nice sunny weather there too. Today we found an old Polish Fiat car at a snow park near Zakopaneto play aroundon(some new photos in the gallery below). Weather forecast is saying possibly some snow this week although we’re hoping for a sunny weekend for The North face Polish Freeskiing Open, which is taking place at Harenda ski area in Zakopane.

22nd January 2010 – The last week has been crisp and cold, we’ve had a few small snowfalls but nothing to shout about. The World Cup Ski Jumpis in town this weekend – party atmosphere throughout Zakopane. Forecast this week is for more crisp weather and sunshine – can’t complain at that!

11th January 2010 – Not snowing at the moment, very strange weather. Global warming perhaps? (LOOKED OUTSIDE AFTER WRITING THIS – SNOWING!) Some snow forecast for this week though. Took a drive around some old places near the Polish/Slovakian border today, found an old practice ski jump! Photo in gallery below.

6th January 2010 – I’ll keep it simple. It’s still snowing and they are in negotiations to allow off piste skiing on Kasprowy Wierch. Fingers, toes, ski poles, everything crossed that they finally let people ski and snowboard where they want! If you’re on Facebook join the group Wolny Kasprowy to help put pressure on them to let us play off piste!

3rd January 2010 – Happy New Year! A delayed one but we’ve been busy on the slopes with our guests over the last week. A great time had by all, which included a mix of 6 different nationalities skiing here in Poland with us. Italian, French, Slovakia, Irish, English and Polish. The snow has started to fall again, that’s why I’m up early to clear the van and shovel the drive. 10cm on the bin lid this morning and still snowing. Lots of snow forecast this week!!

29th December 2009- Not a great deal of snow to report unfortunately, seems to be the way at the moment in many European ski resorts so fingers crossed for some more soon. The ski slopes are all open apart from Kasprowy, which is great news though. Lots of snow to come in the New Year hopefully!

18th December 2009- Today has seen the opening of areas with Szymoszkovaset to open tomorrow morning. It has been slowly snowing for the last 5 days withtemperatures around -10 degrees and not much sunshine in Zakopane, we are well and truly ready for winter skiing andsnowboarding in Poland! We’ve been working hard today (not Tom, he’s been skiing!) so not had a chance to hit the slopes but hopefully tomorrow we will get out there and have some snowy photos to upload.

13th December 2009 – It’s been getting colder and cloudier this last week and yesterday finally saw the first snowfall of winter in Poland (we already had some snow in October that melted). This morning at 10am there was 9.5 cm on the dustbin lid and it is still snowing gently outside! Looking at the ski area webcams last night they had all the snow cannons firing for the first time and a newsletter from Bialka ski area says they are looking to open next weekend – fingers crossed!

WINTER 2010/2011

25th April 2011 – Today is a good day to mark the end of winter in Zakopane. The annual “old school ski race”, which involves wooden skis and outfits is taking place this morning on Kalatowki, half way up the mountain side. Drinking and partying are more popular than skiing today but another winter has come to a close. Thanks to all who joined us in Zakopane over the winter, we look forward to seeing you again! Anybody interested in skiing or snowboarding here next winter – get in touch! See you next winter!!

26th March 2011 – We’ve had a week of sun and today it is snowing again! A crazy weekend here in Zakopane, Adam Malysz, Zakopane’s local world ski jumping champion is hosting a special farewell event as he draws the curtains on his career, which has included 92 podium finishes in world competitions. Thousands of people around the town with horns and flags supporting their hero! We’ve hidden from the town and stayed indoors all day where it’s quiet! You can now take a look at our short video of guests skiing with White Side Holidays Poland this last winter – just click here!

22nd March 2011 – We got some more snow on Sunday following last weeks rain and have had a couple of blue bird sunny days this week. There’s no more snow forecast at the moment but you never know! Bialka ski area is still in good condition for this time of year thanks to a large snow base built up over the winter by the snow cannons and should allow skiing through until Easter. We’re enjoying the sunshine and hopefully waiting for one last dump of snow!!!

17th March 2011 – Nothing but bad weather to report I’m afraid. A week of dull and cloudy days followed by the worst day of winter for the last 5 seasons with pouring rain all day, which meant we had a fun time quad biking and getting covered in mud instead of snowboarding today! Looking like an early finish to the season this year. Oh well, time to look forward to next winter!

10th March 2011 – A quick video as promised just to show that although the town webcams may be showing sunshine and green grass the slopes are all open and in good condition (this was the best clip to show sunshine, green fields and snow all in one shot!). The slopes have fantastic snow making facilities, which means they can build up large snow bases even when it’s not snowing so skiing is still guaranteed until the end of March at least. It has LITERALLY just started to snow again outside too!

7th March 2011 – Our guests over theweekend enjoyed clear blue skies and a slightly snowy drive back to Krakow yesterday. When we got back into Zakopane yesterday afternoon it was starting to drift with snow and it snowed through the night. It’s still snowing outside this morning and looks set to carry on for at least the next few hours. Fresh snow should ensure good conditions for our next few groups of guests arriving later this week. The new video camera is here so hopefully some video will be up in the next few days. Photo above from the car this morning.

1st March 2011 – Sorry for the delayed snow update over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been busy on the slopes! Conditions improved since the last update with a good 3 day snow fall from the 18th-21st February, which saw us perfectly through our busy half term week. Temperatures have risen again slightly through last week but we have all runs and ski areas still open. March is a good time in Zakopane too as the slopes get very quiet as the Polish school holidays are over! The forecast for the next few days is for sunshine so we’ll be out enjoying a few quiet and sunny days on the slopes! Hopefully going to buy a new video camera today in Krakow so maybe the next update will be a video clip!

8th February 2011 – All this talk of strange winter conditions around Europe has hit Poland this last week. After reporting on 5 days straight snow fall last week this week has seen every type of weather possible! We had 3 cold, bright and sunny days, which was great. This was followed by a day of warm wind and drizzle, which started to melt a lot of snow around the town (not on the slopes) and yesterday was like a spring day, t-shirts out around town, clear blue skies and strangely warm for mid-winter, which has left the streets and park in town looking very much like they do in spring. However, today the temperature has dropped, it has clouded over and now we are forecast for snow tomorrow! Who knows what we will wake up to in the morning, hopefully to snow, which is forecast! The slopes are still in fairly good condition considering the weather we’ve had and although we all love spring weather some cold and snowy days would be nice!

1st February 2011 – We enjoyed a week of snow last week with constant snow fall from Monday through to Friday, which was then followed by clear blue skies all weekend. The snow conditions on the slopes in and around Zakopane at the moment are fantastic. Fingers crossed for more snow over the next week or so. The forecast is for more clear days, which whilst we can’t complain about there’s always space for more snow!!!

23rd January 2011 – Christmas and New Year in Zakopane has been and gone for another year. There was snow around for everyone, and the recent dry spell has finally been put to bed with snow falling for 3 days straight now in Zakopane. You may have seen us on the TV at the weekend (21st-23rd January) on Eurosport as the World Cup Ski Jumping was in Zakopane. It looked as good close up as it did on TV with snow falling all day and night. We’ve had guests skiing in and around Zakopane and Slovakia and are looking forward to meeting more people over the coming weeks! Girls above in the photo were here for a long weekend and were enjoying a ski doo trip through the nearby forests one evening. Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in a trip to Zakopane!

November 2010 – THE SNOW IS BACK!

WINTER 2011/2012

25th March 2012 – March has just flown by. Sorry for the lack of updates on here, if you’re loooking for more regular updates on the snow front then our facebook page (Ski and Snowboard Poland) is updated much more frequently with photos and info. The weather in March has been great. Following all the snow we had in January and February we’ve been enjoying mostly sunny days over the last few weeks. The slopes are slowly winding down for winter and we’re expecting our final guests of winter 2011/2012 next week. Most slopes are still open with a couple of the smaller ski areas around Zakopane closed already for winter due to a lack of skiers using them. Our early bird ski deals are now open for anybody looking to book in for next winter! More information on the early bird deals can be found here.

29th February 2012 – A busy last couple of weeks with half term week and plenty of other guests who may or may not have been skipping school to come and join us in Zakopane! We’ve enjoyed lots of fresh snow again over the last 2 weeks and the slopes have been in fantastic condition. Last week we had 1 day of drizzling rain, which was a bit frustrating but it was followed up by 3 days of snow. Unfortunately it was drizzling again last night so the fresh snow on the streets has a wet look to it but with more snow forecast this week we should be in for a good spring! The slopes remain in good condition and there’s plenty more skiing and snowboarding to come next month!

5th February 2012 – Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! There’s not too much more to say about the last week! Temperatures plummeted down to as low as -30 degrees at night and around -20 during the day. A shock to the system but we’ve been lucky enough that there has been no wind to accompany the sudden cold spell and there have been clear blue skies every day. Yesterday the cloud returned and there was even a little bit of snow in the air. Fingers crossed for snow and slightly warmer temperatures this week!

28th January 2012 – The last 2 weeks have been fantastic again in Zakopane, we’ve had A LOT of snow and lots more fun with our guests. In the last 2 days the sun has finally come out to play so we’ve had the perfect blend of all the fresh snow that’s fallen over the last 3 weeks and glorious sunshine! We’ve got plenty of guests coming out to ski and snowboard in February and of course the half term holidays just around the corner!

12th January 2012 – Another busy couple of weeks here in Zakopane but the weather has got better and better in the last week or so. We’ve had a lot of snow falling in the last 5 days and the current forecast is for more of the same over the coming weekend. Kasprowy Wierch is fully up and running this winter and we were up there a couple of days ago enjoying half a metre deep fresh powder all day! Current snow conditions – PERFECT! We’ve still got space for you this winter so if you’re thinking about it then give us a shout and come and visit us in Zakopane!

1st January 2012 – We’ve had a busy start to the winter here in Zakopane so apologies for the lack of updates on here. Our guests so far this season have arrived from worldwide to ski and snowboard with White Side Holidays Poland. Our first guests of the year who joined us for a family Christmas ski holiday flew in from India and America whilst we’ve got guests all the way from Australia amongst our New Year groups of guests. We’ve enjoyed some light snow fall recently and all lifts are now open for skiing (except Kasprowy Wierch) so fingers crossed for a snowy new year!

8th December 2011 – The first ski lifts in Zakopane opened just over a week ago to start winter 2011/2012. There was a cold spell in which some of the ski areas around the town started to make snow and Szymoskowa and Bialka Tatranska ski areas managed to make enough snow to open up some of their lower runs. They have been making snow since then and this morning, the 8th December we’ve finally had snow fall through the night and Zakopane is looking white again with more snow forecast for the next few days. We’re hopefully going to head out to the slopes in the next few days and start our winter before our first guests arrive on the 20th for a family Christmas ski holiday in Zakopane.

20th October 2011 – The snow is back!

WINTER 2012/2013

18th March 2013 – The last update 5 days ago was that the snow was good and things were getting warmer, scrap that. 4 days ago we got a huge snowfall overnight of around half a metre and the temperatures dropped back to -10. The weekends skiing was fantastic with the slopes in great condition for this time of year. Not sure if we’ll get any more big dumps before the end of winter but the slopes are ready to take us through until the end of winter!

13th March 2013 – A busy month, a lot of snow, a lot of guests and most importantly a lot of time on the slopes! February half term flew past but yet again the snow was great and we had a lot of return guests enjoying their second and third holidays here in Zakopane. Spring is slowly creeping up on us and although we had around 10-15cm fresh snow last night with more forecast this week Spring skiing and boarding is upon us! Anyone still keen for a last minute ski trip should get in touch now, we’ve still got snow and free rooms!

7th February 2013 – SNOW, SNOW AND MORE SNOW! The last 3 days have been stupid. It hasn’t stopped snowing, another 60cm! That says it all, conditions good, snow good, fun fun fun!

4th February 2013 – Another good couple of weeks here in Zakopane, plenty of snow keeping the slopes in good shape, guests out and about learning to ski and snowboard and all looking good for February half term skiing and snowboarding over the next couple of weeks!

16th January 2013 – A tiring week of shovelling snow off the driveway every morning! We’ve had plenty of snow falling this last week in Zakopane and the conditions on the slopes have been fantastic. Kasprowy opened up last weekend and we’ve been having a lot of fun out and about at the different ski areas in and around town. The snow park in Witow is opening this weekend and we’re looking forward to more of you turning up to ski and snowboard with us over the next few months!

8th January 2013 – Happy New Year! Snow has fallen this last week and temperatures have dropped – starting to actually feel like winter in Zakopane, we were getting worried there for a while! We had guests out learning to ski and snowboard over New Year and fireworks galore were enjoyed by all our guests at nightclubs, restaurants and scenic spots around Zakopane. We’ve got a 2 day break now before more guests will turn up to a snowy Zakopane on Friday!

26th December 2012 – We’ve had a fun start to the winter if not a great one snow wise. The ski slopes opened up on December 15th after some cold weather and a good few days of snowfall in early – mid December. Recent weather has melted a lot of snow down in town and around the ski areas but thanks to the modern snow making facilities at all ski areas in and around Zakopane we’ve been skiing with no problem! More snow is forecast this week so we should be back in a snowy winter wonderland very soon!

2nd December 2012 – The snow cannons are blasting away at most ski areas in and around Zakopane now and colder weather has started to blow in. Things are looking good for everywhere openening up on time in a couple of weeks! The Christmas/Winter lights have all gone up in and around town as well now so everything in Zakopane is looking very wintery!!

20th September 2012 – THE SNOW IS BACK…we make that exactly one month earlier than last years first snowfall in Zakopane (that’s what our Zakopane ski and snow report archives say), which fell on October 20th last year. This is the earliest, early season snowfall we can remember for a long time. Does early season snowfall in Zakopane’s Tatra Mountains mean we’re in for an awesome, powder-filled winter of skiing and snowboarding? Watch this space (or the White Side Holidays Poland, Zakopane weather forecast page) and keep your fingers crossed (in your mittens as it’s getting cold too). It was pouring with rain and cloudy all day today in Zakopane and this evening when the clouds broke we had to force ourselves off the couch to take and walk and get a photo. It was worth going outside for as it got us a little bit excited about the winter already, bring on another fun winter of ski and snowboard holidays in Zakopane 2012/13!

WINTER 2013/2014

25th March 2014 – We’ve said goodbye to our last ski holiday guests in Zakopane for this winter now. Whilst the snow hasn’t been great we have had another winter full of skiing, snowboarding and plenty of fun away from the slopes. A big thank you to all of you who came to holiday in Poland and ski Zakopane with us. See you next winter!

27th February 2014 -The school holidays are over for another year, we enjoyed a fun couple of weeks on the slopes with all of our half term guests. Conditions on the slopes haven’t been great, there’s no hiding it, the mildest winter on record here in Zakopane but thankfully it didn’t take away from everyone having fun and enjoying themselves. There’s still options for skiing in March so if any of you fancy a last minute ski break for a week or just a short break then get in touch.

27th January 2014 – As everyone knows each winter is different and unfortunately this one didn’t start so great! However, over the last week the temperature has finally dropped to around -10 degrees, which is normal for this time of year in Poland and it has started snowing again. What a difference a few days make! Everything is looking good for skiing and snowboarding in February over the school holidays and for any of you interested in a ski trip in March, we still have availability for all dates in March.

6th January 2014 – Happy New Year! We had busy Christmas and New Year weeks on the slopes here in Zakopane with our guests and are now winding down a little bit in January before the February family ski holidays begin. Unfortunately there has been a lack of fluffy white stuff falling from the sky recently. The slopes are open and people are out skiing everyday but we’ve not seen fresh snow for a few weeks now meaning the streets of town and areas surrounding the slopes are looking rather green! Fingers crossed for a dump of snow soon to make Zakopane look like the wintery place is should be at this time of the year!

14th December 2013 – The slopes around Zakopane are up and running for winter 2013/14! Not all the pistes are yet fully open but there’s plenty to go at for a fun early season ski! We had snow over the last few weeks and cold temperatures allowing everywhere to crank up the snow cannons and make plenty of artificial snow. We had our first ski today and can’t wait to get the skis and snowboards out everyday from here on in!

18th October 2013 – There is snow back on the hills in Zakopane! We say it every year that the first big snow fall always melts again before the winter starts properly but still… If you can’t get excited about snow then why are you reading this! We’re all about skiing, snowboarding and good fun here at White Side Holidays Poland so this early season snowfall has us very excited about what’s to come this next winter ski season. If like us you can’t wait to strap your skis and snowboards to your feet then get in touch and let us know what we can do to help you organise a ski package for you this winter.

WINTER 2014/2015

19th March 2015 – March has been great so far! Snow has kept falling regularly to keep things looking fresh and we’ve been treated to some glorious days of sunshine and blue skies. Our last holiday guests of the winter have left today and we are now looking forward to a bit of a break after 3 months of non stop skiing and snowboarding fun! We had a great finish to our winter, hosting a team from Whitelines Magazine, which included 3 of the UK’s best upcoming snowboarders, Jamie Trinder, Henry Shackleton and Jack Labbett. The magazine goes to print in the Autumn and will feature freestyle action from in and around Zakopane, we can’t wait to see the final result! There’s still skiing to be done in Zakopane for a few weeks yet and then in April we are heading off to Canada where Gaz is taking a ski instructor course and we will be catching up with Dan who used to work with us here in Poland. We’ve had lots of people already signing up for ski holidays with us in Poland next year so if you’re thinking about coming over then give us a shout soon! Look forward to hearing from you.

3rd March 2015 – Can’t believe our last post was a month ago, February and the busiest month of the year for us has just flown by! What a great month it was though here in Zakopane, lots of snow fell early in the month followed by a beautiful period of sunny days during the UK school half term holiday period. We enjoyed skiing under cloudless skies and once all of our family guests left last week the snow has returned again to Zakopane, it looks like mid winter outside right now and not early spring! We’re really pleased to be able to say that already just one week since the half term week finished we have 30% of the guests who were out here skiing with us signed up for next year again. More are enquiring by the day and it’s great to see familiar faces retuning to Zakopane each year. For anybody looking to come and ski with us in winter 2016 then now is the time to get booked in, click here for our early bird offers for 2016. There’s still time for last minute ski deals in March this year so if you have a few days off then give us a shout!

2nd February 2015 – With the UK half term week nearly upon us we’ve just been treated to the best few days of winter so far, a 30cm dump of snow 3 days ago gave us the best skiing of the winter so far and we now have every slope and lift in and around Zakopane open and in great condition. More snow is forecast this week so let’s keep fingers crossed it carries on because the last few days were amazing!

19th January 2015 – Christmas was mild, New Year and the following week was freezing (-15) cold everyday and then the last week or so the temperature here in Zakopane has gone up to +2/3 degrees everyday. Global warming? Hard to say but we’re waiting on some more snow! We’ve had little periods of snow but no huge dumps again yet so far this year. The good news is that Kasprowy opened up last week and the conditions up there are quite nice for our more advanced guests. Fingers crossed, snow dances at the ready, lets hope for a big dump soon!

29th December 2014 – A big drop in temperatures to around -8 over the last 3 days and the snow hasn’t stopped falling! Winter is starting to look like winter finally and the ski slopes in Zakopane are opened up and enjoying a snowy holiday period as New Year approaches. Plenty of time this winter for people to come and ski with us here in Poland so give us a shout and start planning your trip with us soon!

16th December 2014 – Winter is finally here! A strange start so far, the last couple of weeks in November and the first week in December was very cold and a little snowy. Cold enough that the snow cannons were blasting day and night and everything was looking set for an early start this year. That cold period changed up last week though with a week of warmer weather that messed up opening days and ruined the snowy look of the town. Bialka ski area has a good number of lifts open already, Szymoskowa has opened their beginner slopes but things higher up and on the steeper slopes are unfortunately on hold for now with other areas hoping to open at least some runs up this weekend. There may be some patchy ski areas opening up at first but at least they’ll be open! Where there’s snow there’s fun!

WINTER 2015/2016

16th April 2016 – That’s it! The snow held up all winter for us despite a poor winter in terms of natural snowfall. The importance of the excellent snow making facilities in and around Zakopane proved it’s worth this winter. When the amount of natural snowfall during the winter is high it’s easy to overlook how much snow they make on the ski hills to build up the deepest base of snow possible, this winter we could see how much they were making and how hard the ski areas work on keeping as much snow as possible on the piste. Our last day of skiing with guests this winter was on the 4th April and we’re heading out ourselves shortly high up in the Tatra Mountains for a spot of ski touring to squeeze as much as we can out of the winter! Here’s to a snowy winter next season!

21st March 2016 – Spring is here, we’ve had a great week of skiing in Zakopane, sunshine all day and smiles all round. The slopes high up on Kasprowy are in excellent condition with a couple of light snowfalls keeping things fresh up there. Whilst the lower slopes are getting chopped up and slushy in the afternoon (as is the norm in Spring) there’s still a good covering of snow on them given the winter we’ve had. We’re skiing at Bialka most days now with our beginner/intermediate guests and anyone up for the challenge is up on Kasprowy enjoying the mountains. Still 2 weeks of skiing to go!

9th March 2016 – Well the busy holiday season came and went in a flash as always and the snow held up despite some rainy days, some days of +15 degrees and some windy days! We just can’t win with the weather this season. We’re now into March and some ski areas have already had to close due to the slushy conditions making preparing the slopes impossible. Thankfully we’ve still got great conditions up on Kasprowy, Bialka is still all open and some of the smaller spots around town are still open, just! Lets see if Spring is kind and brings some snow our way.

10th February 2016 – Sun 3 days ago, 180km/h winds yesterday, pouring rain this morning and now there’s 6 inches of fresh snow and a snow storm going on outside! What is this winter! At least it’s snowing and snowing hard, hopefully setting us up for a great week of skiing over the UK school half term holidays. Can’t wait!

29th January 2016 – What can we say. It’s just not Winter. Our hopes of Winter being back in full swing just 10 days ago have been dashed again by another swing in temperature and again we’re up to +8/9 during the day and only +3 by night. The last 3 or 4 days have been like this along with a warm wind blowing through the town. The snow around town has melted and literally all that remains is the snow that is well packed down on the slopes, which are in good condition still to say the weather is so bad. There’s not a lot we can say! The whole of Zakopane is asking the same question and waiting for the answer, “When is Winter going to arrive?”.

17th January 2016 – Winter is in full swing now in Zakopane with the Polish school holiday period ahead of us the slopes are in good shape, the temperatures have stayed nice and low and things are looking up! The bad start to this winter is long forgotten now! More snow and cold forecast for this week!

3rd January 2016 – Happy New Year! What a difference a day makes! The temperature finally swung on the 30th December from constant plus degrees to minus 15 overnight and since then it has been freezing cold every day, just how we like it! The snow cannons and snow making systems have been on non stop for the last few days and the slopes have changed drastically for the better. There’s snowfall forecast for this week so things are looking up in Zakopane after not a great start to this winter.

29th December 2015 – All we can do is keep everything crossed and hope that the cold weather and snow arrives soon. It’s a sad scene in and around Zakopane at the moment. The snow just hasn’t arrived properly yet this winter and we currently only have around 15% of the ski areas open so far. The forecast this week is for some colder weather and tonight for the first time we can see some snow cannons blasting snow on to the pistes so we’ll keep hoping and praying for snow!

8th September 2015 – Not much to report but yesterday we had the first signs of winter in Zakopane with a dusting of snow high up on the mountain tops, winter is coming! A great photo below shows the current conditions on top of Kasprowy Wierch ski area, which was posted online by Pawel Pelka. Who’s excited for winter!!!!????

WINTER 2016/2017

10th March 2017 – Unfortunately the snow hasn’t returned lower down in Zakopane yet. Higher up on Kasprowy the conditions are great, regular sprinklings of snow have kept things fresh and the slopes are in great condition. Lower down the snow is still deep on most the slopes but very heavy and choppy now as the warmer days of spring and some crazy winds last week are taking their toll. It’s not all doom and gloom though! We’re still out skiing everyday and there’s a week of sunny weather ahead to look forward to as we start to slowly wind things down for this winter!

24th February 2017 – That’s that for the school holidays! Week one was sun soaked and the slopes held up really well, this last week has been a different story though, we’ve had warmer days and some crazy strong winds the last few days! The slopes are in need of fresh snow, for the first time this winter we’ve seen a few dirt patches showing through. We’re not complaining though, we’ve had it pretty good so far this year! Fingers crossed for a bit of snow and colder weather this week! 

10th February 2017 – The weather has stayed cold and dry, unfortunately no big snow falls in the last 2 weeks but conditions on the slopes are still fairly good. With lots of sun forecast this week the school holidays and busy family skiing weeks should be full of fun!

26th January 2017 – Since our last post we’ve enjoyed a couple of quieter weeks but with some unforgettable days! Sun, snow and lots of fun. The weather over the last two weeks has got slightly warmer (-10 at night and -4 in the day) with clear sunny days over the last week. The forecast is still looking promising for the coming weeks and a busy February ahead!

12th January 2017 – What a great start to the season we’ve had! The weather has been perfect, we’ve had temperatures between -8 to -25 for the last 2 weeks and plenty of snowy days with a few more forecast this weekend. No complaints so far this winter on the snow front! We’re slowly building up towards the February school holidays now with a few quieter weeks of skiing to look forward to through the middle of January.

28th December 2016 – We’re up and running with guests for the 2016/17 winter ski season here in Zakopane. All ski areas opened up before Christmas and we’ve enjoyed snowy weather for the last few days. The slopes are in great condition, the town is alive with people and winter is in full swing! We’re looking forward to hopefully welcoming the New Year in with some more snow!

13th December 2016 – Winter in Zakopane is here, the first ski slopes opened up a week ago at Bialka Tatrzanska ski area and the rest of the ski areas are counting down to opening day this coming weekend. The temperatures through the end of November and into December so far have been very cold, around -5 to -10 so the snow cannons have been blasting regularly and we’ve had a good amount of early season snow as well. Our boards and skis are in the van ready for our first day on the slopes tomorrow!

6th October 2016 – Here we go again! After a disappointing winter in terms of natural snow fall last year, we’re going to be positive and start this winter’s snow reports full of enthusiasm for a great winter to come! Today marks the first signs of real snow fall this season, a couple of days ago we had a dusting on the mountain tops but today the town is white, cold and feeling very wintery! The sudden swing in temperature and a huge dump of snow has got us all excited and the official countdown to getting back on the slopes has started. We still have spaces available for the coming ski season and holiday packages waiting to be booked, give us a shout and join us in Zakopane this winter, it’s going to be fun!

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