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New in Zakopane for the 2012/2013 Ski Season

by gaz



The 2012/2013 winter ski season in Zakopane, Poland is slowly creeping up on us. The summer is winding down and we’ve been on a quick drive around to see what’s happening in and around the ski areas that White Side Holidays Poland use in Zakopane. It’s quite a strange feeling being at the bottom of the chair lifts and ski slopes in the summer, staring up at the slopes and seeing lush green grass and sheep! Here’s what we can report back to you, if you’ve skied or snowboarded with us in the Tatra Mountains before then you should be able to picture these places, if you haven’t then why not! Get in touch with us now about our ski holiday packages in Poland for winter 2012/2013.


There are 2 new chair lifts being built at 2 different ski areas. The first is a new 4 man chair lift at the Jurgow ski area, which is growing year after year. Last year Jurgow built a new black slope into their resort, new restaurant facilities and a beginner drag lift. This summer they have added a second 4 man chair lift to provide quicker and easier access to all the slopes. THIS NEW LIFT IS NOW OPEN AND PROVIDING A QUICK ROUTE TO THE TOP OF THE BLUE SLOPES IN HAWRAN, JURGOW.

The second new lift is on the Male Ciche ski slopes where they have removed the old 4 man chair and are replacing it with a new modern detachable quad chair. The new chair will speed up the lift ride to the top from 12 minutes down to just 4 minutes!

Witow ski area is developing a new kids area, which we’ve always said would be a good addition! Hopefully they’ve had the same great ideas about it that we discuss amongst ourselves regularly whilst we’re there! We’ll have to wait until winter to see what happens there.

Fingers are crossed that Witow ski area will get sponsorship to get their snow park back up and running this winter, rumours are that there are a few interested sponsors. Also on the snow park front the Salomon Snow Park on Gubalowka will be up and running for it’s second winter this year! THEY GOT SPONSORSHIP! THE NEW “TIGER” SNOWPARK, THE LARGEST SNOWPARK IN POLAND IS OPENING UP ON JANUARY 20TH! WE CAN ALSO OFFER FREESTYLE SKI AND SNOWBOARD LESSONS IF YOU’RE INTERESTED IN HEADING TO THE SNOWPARK TO LEARN SOME NEW TRICKS!


Don’t read this if you like KFC because the Colonel has left Zakopane! KFC had stood for many years in the centre of town beneath an old hotel. The hotel has now taken its chance to end KFC’s lease and is building a new reception – what’s the point having a hotel room upstairs if KFC no longer exists downstairs?! 

Slowly slowly a small indoor shopping centre is being built in the centre of town in front of the Litwor hotel, which will serve as a welcome rest stop from the cold winter weather.

La Playa Beach Bar is the only new bar in town for winter this year – will it or won’t it survive the cold snowy winter in Zakopane with it’s warm and sunny atmosphere inside?

Things are always popping up in Zakopane just before the winter so we’ll keep this list up to date in the next couple of months as and when we hear anything. Are you coming to see us this season? – Get in touch!



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