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Gaz Wins Kia Snow Cup Rail Jam

by gaz

Gaz won the Kia Snow Cup Rail Jam on 29/1/11 in Witow 


If you have visited us or are planning to visit us to snowboard here in Zakopane you will most likely be instructed by Gaz. This weekend he entered two competitions at the Witow Ski Area near Zakopane, Saturday 29th January was the Kia Snow Cup Rail Jam followed by the Kia Snow Cup G-Bag Big Air contest on Sunday. Competing on Saturday Gaz landed a variety of tricks throughout the day showing his skills riding both regularly and switch to come out on top of a field of around 30 snowboarders to take first place and take home a load of prizes. Sunday was more of a fun contest with the big air bag providing a cushioned landing for any misjudged tricks unlike the previous day where a metal rail was the only place to land if things went wrong. With 5 representatives of the Polish Freestyle Olympic team turning up Gaz didn’t place in the top 3 but enjoyed a fun weekend of competing nonetheless. If you are interested in learning some new tricks in the snow park or would like to work on tricks that you can already do then get in touch and come and enjoy a few lessons with Gaz her in Zakopane! More images in our freestyle ski and snowboard gallery here.

Gaz competing in the Kia Snow Cup Rail Jam in Witow

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