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Brexit and my ski holiday

by gaz
Zakopane, January 2020, White Side Holidays Poland
Winter 2020 in Zakopane, Poland

As expected we’ve had a few people e-mailing us already to ask if they need to be worried about their ski holiday now that Brexit has happened. The simple answer is no, there’s no need to be worried, just come and ski! We’re over here enjoying the winter and already planning for 2021 with people booking in already for next season.

We won’t pretend to be experts on the matter, not sure if anyone actually is!? However, you will find a few key pieces of information below, that have been released this week, that will put your minds at rest regarding travel and holidays in Europe.

* Whilst the UK and the EU negotiate arrangements, we are now in a transition period until the end of 2020, which means everything relating to your ski holiday and travel within the EU is the same today as it was yesterday. There is also the possibility this date will be further extended by a year or 2.

* You can still travel within the EU with no visa. This is also planned to be the case in the future as it’s expected the UK will give EU citizens the same rights.

* Your passport is still valid for travel. From 2021 you will need at least 6 months remaining on your passport to travel to the EU.

* EHIC (European Health Insurance Cards) are still valid throughout 2020. Specialist travel insurance is always recommended anyway.

Any questions relating to Brexit you are best advised to check the government website (click here) where you can subscribe to updates on all aspects of life after Brexit.

Right, back to the slopes!

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