Backpacking in Zakopane

We have noticed over recent years an increase in the number of people calling us and e-mailing us who are in Zakopane for just a couple of days as part of a stop off on their travels whilst backpacking through Poland and the rest of Europe. People tend to call us last minute having already arrived in Zakopane with nothing planned and no idea of where to go or what to do. Zakopane has so much to offer that if you are visiting for just a couple of days then it is worth planning in advance so that you can really pack it all in. Take the stress away and let us organise it for you, we are here, we know what we are doing and having done it all before we know the best way to fit everything in no matter how long you are travelling for. We also appreciate that travellers are usually on a budget, Zakopane laughs at budgets! It is one of the cheapest places for travellers to stay and enjoy themselves in Europe. Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of our specially selected backpacker and traveller deals that we can offer you here in Zakopane. We’ve split them up in to skiing/snowboarding options and others because there literally is something for everybody in Zakopane, it’s a huge town with a wide range of activities.


Mountain Top Gondola Trip – Whether you like skiing or not you can still enjoy a trip on Zakopane’s cable car, which takes you 1000m up from the town to the top of the Tatra Mountains. Enjoy breath taking views as you enjoy the 18 minute trip to the top and then from the peak of Kasprowy Wierch as you look out over unspoilt national park scenery. Return transport included for just £20 per person.

Thermal Baths – Ever rolled in the snow under the starry night skies and then jumped into a bubbling hot pool? Give us a shout and that is exactly what you could do in Zakopane! 3 hours at the baths with return transport from just £15 per person.

Husky Dog Sledding – Return transport from your accommodation, an hour of fun meeting these crazy dogs in their natural environment around the snowy forests of Zakopane. Spend time playing and taking photos with the dogs before enjoying a 2km trip riding the sled as first a passenger and then as the driver! From £25 per person.

Polish Vodka Tasting – Simple as it sounds! We take you to our favourite local bar and you get to sample numerous flavours and combinations of Poland’s famous vodka in a real locals bar! From just £15 per person with a shoulder to lean on for the walk back to your accommodation if needs be! Snacks and soft drinks also included – seriously though we do advise sensible drinking.


3 Hours Night Skiing  – Including ski or snowboard equipment hire, ski clothing and return transport to/from your accommodation for just £30 per person (or Polish equivalent if you want to pay in Zloty) That’s cheap! Try do that on your travels at any other ski resort and you’ll spend 3 times that!

Learn to Ski/Snowboard Experience – Lets be honest your first time on the slopes needs to be gentle, nobody wants to end up on YouTube under the “fail” category. We’ll pick you up from your accommodation (check out our very own budget accommodation in Zakopane here) take you to the ski equipment hire shop to get you kitted out with all the gear, including clothing! Then to the ski slopes in Zakopane! Be it on your own, as a couple or as a group of friends travelling together our ski and snowboard instructors will take you from struggling to walk in the new ski boots to making your first turns all in under 4 hours! Photos, videos, however you are recording your travels we will be happy to step in and help you document it! Prices for this wonderful experience start from just £35 (or Polish equivalent if you want to pay in Zloty).

Just Take Me Skiing – There are of course travellers who can already ski and snowboard who just need to get their hands on the gear, be taken to the slopes and left to rip it up. If that’s you then a full day on the slopes  in Zakopane with ski hire, clothing, transport and a days lift pass will set you back as little as £40 (or Polish equivalent if you want to pay in Zloty).


If your time in Zakopane backpacking is up or if you are just starting to look at travelling through Zakopane on your journey through Poland then we can organise transport to get you here or to your next destination. From Zakopane a lot of Europe is literally on your doorstep. You can cross the border into Slovakia within 20 minutes or get to the Czech Republic in 3 hours, Germany in 5 or East towards the Ukraine within 4 hours. Let us know where you are heading and we can show you the best way to do it!

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