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We already have a webcams and weather pagehere on the White Side Holidays Poland ski and snowboard website that can give you the Zakopane weather forecast for the next few days and a look out at the ski slopes in Zakopane via the webcams. However, we thought we would add a more personal snow and ski report page providing you with personal snow reports, information about conditions on the ski slopes and how our skiing and snowboard fun is coming along each winter.

If you start reading these ski and snow reports just remember we are here in Zakopane, we have a dustbin lid and a 30cm ruler at hand to provide accurate snow fall and weather related information for you, unless it snows more than 30cm, then we’ll just go straight to the slopes to enjoy the powder and forget about the website!

10th March 2017

Unfortunately the snow hasn’t returned lower down in Zakopane yet. Higher up on Kasprowy the conditions are great, regular sprinklings of snow have kept things fresh and the slopes are in great condition. Lower down the snow is still deep on most the slopes but very heavy and choppy now as the warmer days of spring and some crazy winds last week are taking their toll. It’s not all doom and gloom though! We’re still out skiing everyday and there’s a week of sunny weather ahead to look forward to as we start to slowly wind things down for this winter!

24th February 2017

That’s that for the school holidays! Week one was sun soaked and the slopes held up really well, this last week has been a different story though, we’ve had warmer days and some crazy strong winds the last few days! The slopes are in need of fresh snow, for the first time this winter we’ve seen a few dirt patches showing through. We’re not complaining though, we’ve had it pretty good so far this year! Fingers crossed for a bit of snow and colder weather this week! 

10th February 2017

The weather has stayed cold and dry, unfortunately no big snow falls in the last 2 weeks but conditions on the slopes are still fairly good. With lots of sun forecast this week the school holidays and busy family skiing weeks should be full of fun!

26th January 2017

Since our last post we’ve enjoyed a couple of quieter weeks but with some unforgettable days! Sun, snow and lots of fun. The weather over the last two weeks has got slightly warmer (-10 at night and -4 in the day) with clear sunny days over the last week. The forecast is still looking promising for the coming weeks and a busy February ahead!

12th January 2017

What a great start to the season we’ve had! The weather has been perfect, we’ve had temperatures between -8 to -25 for the last 2 weeks and plenty of snowy days with a few more forecast this weekend. No complaints so far this winter on the snow front! We’re slowly building up towards the February school holidays now with a few quieter weeks of skiing to look forward to through the middle of January.

28th December 2016

We’re up and running with guests for the 2016/17 winter ski season here in Zakopane. All ski areas opened up before Christmas and we’ve enjoyed snowy weather for the last few days. The slopes are in great condition, the town is alive with people and winter is in full swing! We’re looking forward to hopefully welcoming the New Year in with some more snow!

13th December 2016

Winter in Zakopane is here, the first ski slopes opened up a week ago at Bialka Tatrzanska ski area and the rest of the ski areas are counting down to opening day this coming weekend. The temperatures through the end of November and into December so far have been very cold, around -5 to -10 so the snow cannons have been blasting regularly and we’ve had a good amount of early season snow as well. Our boards and skis are in the van ready for our first day on the slopes tomorrow!

6th October 2016

Here we go again! After a disappointing winter in terms of natural snow fall last year, we’re going to be positive and start this winter’s snow reports full of enthusiasm for a great winter to come! Today marks the first signs of real snow fall this season, a couple of days ago we had a dusting on the mountain tops but today the town is white, cold and feeling very wintery! The sudden swing in temperature and a huge dump of snow has got us all excited and the official countdown to getting back on the slopes has started. We still have spaces available for the coming ski season and holiday packages waiting to be booked, give us a shout and join us in Zakopane this winter, it’s going to be fun!


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