Winter is Nearly Here!

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As we begin November there is already snow up in the higher parts of the mountains and over the last week we’ve had the first days of snowfall down in the town. Zakopane looks wintery at the moment and so our excitement is building for the up coming ski season. Not long to wait now! All […]

Ski Package Availability Update

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UPDATE – 31/10/17 As winter draws closer and closer and we start thinking about waking our skis and snowboards from their summer hibernation, the busy weeks of the coming ski season are booking up fast. Already the festive period is fully booked and we have no availability until the 7th January 2018. The UK school holidays in February […]

Summer Cycling Trips in Poland

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Just a reminder that as of last summer we started running road cycling holidays here in Zakopane, allowing you to visit this beautiful part of the world and enjoy the stunning scenery on offer during the warmer months of the year for those who are not so keen on the cold and skiing! We will […]

Skiing in Winter 2018 in Zakopane, Poland!

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Despite the fact we’ve still got a good few weeks of skiing left in winter 2016/17, we’re getting lots of early bookings coming in for next winter already. It may seem daft to say so, but now is the best time to book ski packages for the busiest weeks of next winter. We’re already close […]

Snowpark Improvements at Gubałowka in 2016/17

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The snowpark on top of the Gubałowka foothills in Zakopane improves year after year. This year the Goobaya team have gone one better than simply improving the features, they have managed to negotiate taking over the whole ski area on Gubałowka, doubling the size of the snow park. The increased size means there will now be […]

2016/17 Ski Season in Poland Begins!

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Yesterday (19th November) saw the first ski slopes in Poland open for winter 2016/17. It’s unusually early for the slopes to be open, but thanks to the snowfall early in November and freezing temperatures allowing the snow cannons to operate, the season has begun! All of the ski areas in and around Zakopane have been blasting snow recently […]

Ski Jumping Zakopane – January 2017

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This year the ski jumping world cup event will take place in Zakopane the weekend of the 20th – 22nd January 2017. It’s not very often you get a chance to see such a spectacular event other than on the TV, so if you fancy a long weekend skiing, snowboarding and watching the the ski jumping live, then get in […]

NEW – Cycling Holidays Poland

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With scenic country roads winding around Zakopane and through this region of Poland, we have been toying with the idea of running road cycling holidays for a number of years. In early September we finally took the plunge, running our first cycling holiday for a “trial group”. The week was a great success in terms of the routes cycled, the quality of the roads […]

Skiers and snowboarders from worldwide! An updated list.

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Since we started White Side Holidays Poland we’ve mainly aimed our ski and snowboard holiday packages in Zakopane at people from the UK. We have family links to both countries and this was the original idea, to bring people from the UK over to Poland for skiing and snowboarding. However, we’ve been keeping a list of countries […]

Summer 2016 in Zakopane

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  As we are now in to the middle of the Summer season in Zakopane we thought we would  share a quick post on Zakopane in the summer time and a couple of photos of it looking green and full of life as opposed to our usual Winter posts where things are just white (most the time!). Zakopane […]

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