Eating in Zakopane

When it comes to eating in Zakopane there is only one question, where shall we eat tonight?! There are over 30 restaurants located in the town centre alone, certainly more than you will be able to try during a weeks ski or snowboard holiday and some BIG meals to be tried for those with a larger appetite!

White Side Holidays Poland have tasted food from literally every restaurant along the main street (we get hungry during the winter) and can honestly say there is not one restaurant that we would say “Maybe don’t go there because…”. Below you will find more about the eating options in Zakopane and some of our favourite restaurants that you might like to try. We will try to keep this page up to date with new and exciting restaurants that appear in Zakopane!

As of November 15th 2010 Poland introduced a smoking ban in public places! The towns restaurants, bars and nightclubs are all free of smoke as in the UK.


There are numerous traditional local restaurants located along the main street in Zakopane town centre. The local restaurants are famous for their Polish soups, filling meaty dishes and pierogis. Eating in Zakopane is part of your holiday! It’s not all burger and chips and basic meals, there is a wide variety of wonderful foods that you don’t get in the UK that you simply have to try. Not only do these Polish restaurants serve tasty food at very reasonable prices, but they all share a common theme, beautifully decorated wooden interiors, open kitchens, traditionally dressed staff and local bands providing entertainment. One of the most popular local Polish restaurants amongst tourists is located on the top floor of the 4* Hotel Belvedere, a short walk from the town centre. Although slightly more expensive than the centrally located restaurants, Pod Aniolem (under an angel) is named due to it’s scenic location with beautiful views of the Tatra mountains.

The best local restaurants however, are hidden away in quiet corners, which we will happily take you too. Kolibecka is a small house at the foot of the national park where local people are happy to squeeze onto tables with others just to get a seat at one of Zakopane’s most tasty restaurants. We regularly take groups to Javorina restaurant, which has slowly become our favourite Polish restaurant in town, their take on traditional cuisine with a modern twist keeps up going back and if it’s good enough for the Polish president, then it’s good enough for our guests!

If the local food doesn’t appeal to you then you can always take a trip to one of Zakopane’s fast food restaurant choices in the form of Pizzas or McDonalds! However, if you are looking for something a bit tastier, less Polish and still great value then here are some of our favourites.


SPORT CORNER – Pork bites, Chicken wings, Burgers, Pastas, Snacks and Drinks. Most major sports events are also shown in here so if you can’t bare to miss your team playing then this is the place to be.


LA STRADA – (XXL PIZZA!), ADAMO – A one metre rack of ribs!, CRISTINA – The start shaped “Zakopane” pizza!


Zakopane’s only Chinese food is served in a small restaurant hidden away at the bottom of the main street in town called Kuchnia Orientalna. We also have a delicious Sushi restaurant in Zakopane, Omakase, if you want a Sushi fix then head here!


The best chefs, great food, international variations on many popular dishes and still great value for money. The restaurants listed here are slightly more expensive than the standard restaurants around the town but if you want to treat yourself then the food is worth every penny.

Ziemianska, 5* Hotel Litwor, Mala Szwajcaria

With the wide range of restaurants available in Zakopane, White Side Holidays Poland will be more than happy to recommend restaurants and help to book tables when necessary during your skiing or snowboarding holiday in Poland.

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